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Before Choosing a College, Discover the Real You.

The college search can be an extremely stressful process for both students and parents. Most students heading for college feel as though they’ve got the weight of the world on their shoulders.  They see so many decisions to be made, but in all too many cases, those decisions are made without the confidence that comes from identifying a clear direction. Our national four-year graduation rate is at an all-time low – 42%, largely because of students making wholesale changes to their line of study.

We believe in helping our students fully understand and appreciate their unique strengths, talents, communication and learning styles.  Armed with this self-awareness, subsequent college major and career choices are made with confidence, and less stress increasing the probability of on-time graduation.

Affordability and Financial Aid

The Real Cost of College and How to Manage It.

Paying for college without going broke is on the mind of just about every parent we see. For many families, some type of financial assistance is critical.  For others, paying for college without compromising retirement or lifestyle is important. Regardless, there are several key factors everyone needs to understand about selecting and paying for college:

  • Every college has some form of need-based financial aid
  • Some colleges have merit-based scholarship aid
  • The list price of a college is rarely what you’ll pay
  • There are more efficient ways to pay for college than simply writing checks
  • Student loans from the Federal government are capped at $27,000 for the first four years of college

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As your guide, we will provide the advice and expertise you need to get into the college that’s right for you, pay for it efficiently, and then leverage your education to start a successful career.

We offer years of experience as well as a deep understanding of how admissions and college funding work. We know what colleges look for.  Once we get a look at your admissions profile, we can show you which colleges will consider you an “ideal fit” for their school.

We also know that this process, if not properly managed, will consume you.  You, like most others, could really benefit from a “Guide” who can be there with guidance you can trust.

Consulting Packages

We offer a variety of professional services and will be happy to discuss what you need  and how we can help.


Not everyone is ready to work with a professional. Our Do-It-Yourself portal lets you DIY and have access to the best tools available.

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From Our Founder

What’s Your Plan?

by Todd Fothergill, Founder

One lesson I’ve seen play out over the past 30 years is this:  If you don’t have a plan for college admissions and funding, the government and the colleges have one for you.  It’s going to be stressful, inefficient and expensive.  Allow me to provide a few tips on how to avoid this scenario.

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