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College Search, Admissions Strategy, Applications, Essays & Ongoing Counseling

NOTE:  Be advised that enrolling after June 1 prior to Grade 12 constitutes “FEDEX next day air” pricing. 

Which schools will be an ideal fit for your student? How will you know? Our custom search process – based on data the schools say matters to them – matches your student’s admissions profile with best fit colleges in the geography you want.  And, we have the financial aid and scholarship history for every college!

The student to gets an objective evaluation of his/her chances of admission to selective and highly selective colleges using our Personal Assessment and College Admissions Profile (CAP). The CAP Index is a proprietary and strictly quantitative measurement of a student’s competitive position for admission at the 450+ colleges in our data base.  It has proven to be highly accurate in assessing the academic credentials to be evaluated for admission.  This customized service includes:

  • review of  PSAT or Pre-ACT (or diagnostic ACT or SAT)
  • review of Myers-Briggs or Do What You Are assessment 
  • thorough evaluation of the high school transcript and extracurricular activities
  • calculation of “college gpa” based on core courses
  • exercise to clarify family priorities for college selection
  • identification of 18-24 ‘ideal fit’ colleges based on grades and financial expectations
  • help student refine final list to 8-12 preferred schools
  • visit and interview coaching
  • “demonstrated interest” counseling
  • discussion essential activities when visiting a campus
  • essentials of meeting with regional admissions officers, faculty and department heads
  • guidance on attending college fairs and “open houses”
  • provide opportunity for quantitative and/or qualitative observations of each college visited to make meaningful comparisons

When it’s time to prepare and submit the Common Application (or any other applications) and required Personal Statement (and supplemental essays), most students benefit from the personal coaching provided by an experienced admissions counselor.  This is particularly true of students applying to selective and highly selective colleges.  To support students with this process, we offer a comprehensive support and coaching package that includes:

  • half-day seminar during the summer before the senior year conducted by staff who specialize in assisting students with college essays. While we cannot and do not write essays for students, we can help them brainstorm for suitable and appropriate topics, refine their approach to the topic, provide editorial input and make sure the real “voice” of the student is expressed. Students will have a chance to review and critique sample essays using criteria we supply. This is perhaps the most neglected area in the college admissions application especially regarding the greater emphasis many highly selective colleges place on the applicant’s writing ability.
  • during the summer seminar, we walk students through the Common Application and assist with account setup.
  • assistance with the Personal Statement for the Common Application
  • assistance with up to eight (8) individual college supplemental essays (adding additional colleges incurs a fee of $250 per college)
  • oversight of the application process from initial setup through submission of the core application and any required supplements
  • instruct students about how to coordinate faculty letters of recommendation, high school counselor evaluations, transcript release forms and official SAT/ACT score reports
  • review Common Application & Supplements prior to submission using in-house quality control procedures

Our Process

College Search, Admissions Strategy, Applications, Essays


The high school senior year is a demanding time for college applicants.  School activities take a lot of time, and often create a “hurry up and finish” approach to the college application and essays.  You don’t want this to happen.  Four years of hard work need to be presented in such a way that the student’s strengths are appropriately highlighted.


To avoid family stress and one parent being designated the “nag” we recommend an experienced, objective third party coach who can guide the student, manage the deadlines, keep everything on track and ensure student confidence.  Keeping peace in the house is an added benefit!

Best Time to Start

End 10th Grade

Time to Complete

Up to 24 Months


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“I hired Strategies For College to assist both of my children.  It was money well spent and a great experience for all of us.  Do yourself a favor and see what they can do for you.”

Greg Rouleau, Barre, VT

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