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Finding the Ideal Fit

Which schools will be an ideal fit for your student? How will you know? Our custom search process – based on data the schools say matters to them – matches your student’s admissions profile with best fit colleges in the geography you want.  And, we have the financial aid and scholarship history for every college!

This module allows the student to get an objective evaluation of his/her chances of admission to selective and highly selective colleges using our Personal Assessment and College Admissions Profile (CAP). The CAP Index is a proprietary and strictly quantitative measurement of a student’s competitive position for admission at the 450+ colleges in our data base.  It has proven to be highly accurate in assessing the academic credentials to be evaluated for admission.  This customized service includes:

  • review of 11th Grade PSAT (or diagnostic ACT or SAT)
  • review of Myers-Briggs or Do What You Are assessment to determine appropriate test strategy
  • thorough evaluation of the high school transcript and extracurricular activities
  • calculation of “college gpa” based on core courses
  • exercise to clarify family priorities for college selection
  • identification of 18-24 ‘good fit’ colleges based on grades and financial expectations
  • assist student to refine final list to 8-12 preferred schools
  • visit and interview coaching
  • “demonstrated interest” counseling
  • discussion of the essential activities when visiting a campus
  • essentials of meeting with regional admissions officers, faculty and department heads
  • guidance on attending college fairs and “open houses”
  • provide opportunity for quantitative and/or qualitative observations of each college visited to make meaningful comparisons

Our Process

Finding Ideal Fit Colleges


Colleges are very good at recruiting. The challenge is that not every school is ideally suited for your student. Will you apply to “Reaches, Targets & Safeties?” We hope not! We’s like to see you apply to colleges where you will thrive academically and qualify for the best funding package possible.  How will you identify these colleges?  What is the solution?


Our team understands every aspect of the admission process. Using data published from every school in the nation, we’ve developed our proprietary CAP – College Admission Profile – score. This matches your student with the key factors each college values. You’ll quickly identify colleges that are ideal fits. The result is greater aid eligibility, a more robust academic experience, and on-time graduation.

Best Time to Start

Grade 11

Time to Complete

3 – 6 Months




As a first-hand witness to the rising need for expert advice I found the Strategies For College counseling model to be the first and finest of its kind. It is the first I’ve seen that integrates strategic college selection and sound financial advice. With this information, families are able to identify colleges that “fit”; socially, academically and financially. It is an approach that provides a unique Big Picture view of higher education affordability. The Strategies For College system is a giant, empowering step in the right direction. I highly recommend it to any family seeking to become literate in college admissions and college funding.


Dan Lundquist, Former Director of Admissions,
University of Pennsylvania, Union College

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