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Financial Document Preparation

Applying for financial aid is part of the college process for most families.  Small mistakes can be very expensive. Our expertise and guidance will reduce the probability of errors on your forms.  Having a guide will make the process less overwhelming.  Let us help you navigate these rough waters.

Financial Document Preparation, Award Letter Review

College Aid Forms Can Overwhelm You

FAFSA, CSS Profile, IDOC, Verification, FSAID, SAR.  Do you speak this language?  If not, you’ll need to get educated. 

Do you know how to report stocks and mutual funds in a brokerage account vs. an IRA on FAFSA? 

Does your home count as an asset on the aid forms?

Can you count your consumer debt on the aid forms?

 All of this adds up to a lot of STRESS.  But it doesn’t have to.  Our services provide professional oversight of your financial aid applications.  We’ll help:

  • Identify all required aid applications
  • Help you organize all supporting information such as tax returns and financial data
  • Prepare and submit aid applications
  • Manage your passwords and portal access
  • Assist with compliance for IRS data retrieval
  • Determine aid eligibility at each college on your list
  • Evaluate financial aid packages from every school
  • Assist with the appeals process if aid offered is deemed unacceptably low
  • Be there for you throughout the process


Our Process

How Strategies For College Can Help.


There is more to the financial aid application process than meets the eye, and the uninitiated pay a severe price to get educated as they go.  One mistake could disrupt four years of funding.  A divorce or remarriage before or during the college years will immediately change aid eligibility.  Large capital gains taken in the wrong tax year could cost thousands in aid.


The complexity of financial aid application process can be reduced to its essential elements by a seasoned professional.  Just like you hire a CPA for complex tax returns, you could, and probably should, hire a financial aid expert to oversee your college aid forms in order to make sure you get a fair financial aid award.  DIY in this area could cost you thousands.  

Best Time to Start

Fall Senior Year

Time to Complete

7 Months

Module Cost

$995 -$1,495


“I highly recommend these services for any college bound family.”

Rob Halpert, Montpelier, VT

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