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why are you going to college?
It is not uncommon for entering students to be uncertain regarding a college major and career path.   In fact, most students change majors several times which typically results in longer time to graduate and enter the work force.  Expensive!  We have found that students who have some insight into their personality profile and how that profile fits certain career paths have an easier time getting their degree in a field they love.  We can help you evaluate your strengths and look at the major studies that make most sense for you. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Admission is just the starting point

Personality & Career Assessment

This program utilizes a qualified career specialist and several career assessments. It was designed to help high school students identify “best fit” college major(s) based on their strengths and natural talents. Students who participate will reduce stress, increase awareness of careers for which they are suited and pursue college admission with increased confidence.


Program Highlights:

* Provide each student with insight about the underlying aspects of their personality through use of career assessments
* Identify relevant career options and college majors based on their unique personality and interests
* Locate satisfying internships, clubs and summer jobs to provide exposure to chosen career field
* Understand their most productive learning and studying styles for college
* Access to career specialist for duration of program

Our Process

Choosing Your Major

(Included in Comp Programs)


Most first year students don’t know which college course of studies to pursue.  As a result, the major comes into focus later in the college career which in many cases results in more time to graduate, more cost to the family and delayed entry into the job market.


We employ a career specialist whose sole focus is helping students understand their personality traits and which careers would be most suitable for them.  This allows time to explore before college begins and promotes on-time graduation.

Best Time to Start

Grade 11 and 12

Time to Complete

1 – 3 Months




“The personality and career assessment was an eye opener for sure.  It was spot on for my son.  It probably saved us paying for that extra year of college where kids figure out what they want to do!”

Ed Kenney, Killington, VT

Ready to Begin?

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