Part I:  Financial data is submitted for financial aid eligibility assessment through a secure portal.  Within 24-48 hours of receipt, we’ll get back to you. You will be able to view preliminary results at the end of the data entry process.

Follow the instructions below – especially those of you who do not need to read instructions!

  • Gather financial records for savings, mortgage, investments, retirement plan, most recent federal tax return and w-2 forms for you and your student.
  • Enter “” (without the quotes) for the email address.
  • Enter your data. When finished, click SEND.
  • SAVE YOUR DATA.  To save your data or save and return to edit the data, you can generate a password by clicking the button that’s near the top that says ‘Generate a Password’. A password will appear. Next time, at the login stage, click the checkbox and enter the password in the input box that appears.
  • Save data by clicking the ‘Send Data’ button that’s next to the ‘Generate a Password’ button. This will bring you to a confirmation screen where you can confirm sending the data by clicking the ‘Send’ Button.
  • NOTE:  Remember your password. Passwords cannot be retrieved from this system.

Part 2:  In addition to the EFC calculation, we’ll need to establish a plan to fund the EFC.  To accomplish that, we examine all of your available financial resources beginning with your monthly budget.  You will need your credit card statements and checking account statements for the past three months to complete Part 2. Consider this a dose of truth syrum with regards to your relationship with your money, your willingness to incur debt for college and your perception of how paying for college will impact your ability to retire comfortably.  Complete this section only upon the request of your SFC Advisor. 

Please click the link below and follow the instructions.  At the end of the process, click the SUBMIT button.