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Relationships with our clients are important to us.  We want each student we serve to reach for the best version of themselves.  That requires time.  From selecting a major to managing the admissions application and essay process to the complexity of funding higher education, you’ll find that our capabilities are broad.  Our comprehensive services allow us to work with your family for 12-24 months – from the time you begin right through the first semester of college.  That’s value!


College Starts Here!

Over the years, we’ve found that the majority of parents and students benefit from a customized approach tailored to their specific circumstances. You’ll find that our fixed-fee services provide specific focus on the key areas you will face.

College Funding

Do you have a college funding strategy?  If not, the government and the colleges will assign one to you … and it will be expensive!

Financial Document Management

College aid forms.  FAFSA.  CSS Profile. Small mistakes can be costly. Our expertise and guidance will reduce the probability of errors and make the process less stressful for you.

Custom College Search

Which schools will be an ideal fit for your student? How will you know? Our custom search process – based on data the schools say matters to them – matches your student’s admissions profile with best fit colleges in the geography you want.  And, we have the financial aid and scholarship history for every college!

Admission Application Support

From brainstorming to crafting college essays to managing the Common Application, the admissions process can easily get out of hand for any student.  We’ll hep you manage the admissions process so it’s complete before the holidays.  Really!

Personality Assessment & Your College Major

The goal of College is to build the knowledge and experience for a successful career. We can help you find the major that will enhance your future based on the strengths of your personality profile.

After College: Getting a Job

College Seniors and recent graduates need to get on a career path as quickly as possible. Let us help you navigate today’s job search and find that dream job.


Why Choose Strategies For College?

custom College search

Finding the right school for your student is our top priority.  We seek “Ideal Fits” for each student which typically results in academic success, on-time graduation, and better funding.

A fresh approach

The traditional approach of safeties, targets and reach schools” is outdated and very costly if you are seeking ANY type of financial aid.  Let us show you why the reach college will become a huge financial liability.

Financial Strategies

Knowing how much college is going to cost is one thing.  Having a coherent financial plan for each year of college for each student is something else again.  We seek to keep student and parent debt to the absolute minimum.

From Our Founder

College is Too Big a Commitment to Make a Mistake!

Everyone knows that College tuition is expensive. But the true price can be much higher than the Cost of Admission. As an example, starting a successful career is a primary reason many student attend College; yet less than 40% of graduating students find a job in their major area of study.

And while College attendence rates are high, graduating on time is not. Less than 50% of today’s College students graduate in 4 years or less. The result is a frustrating educational experience and a huge financial expense to pay for extra years.

The key is to make smart decisions before you are committed. We help you do just that.

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