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The big picture




The three major challenges you’ll face are

  • finding the right fit college for each child
  • developing a plan to fund college for each child
  • coordinating college cost with your retirement goals

While there is no “best possible college” for anyone, finding colleges that “fit” your student is critical.  We don’t focus on brand names or elite colleges.  Our expertise lies in making sure our students have a valuable college experience, graduate on time and keep their debt minimized.


 If you don’t have a strategy in place to address these challenges, you expose yourself and your child to a world of unpleasant outcomes.  Let us show you how to steer clear of catastrophe.

colleges that fit

Finding the schools that best match your student’s capabilities and developing an admissions campaign is priority number one.  We have data and science behind our recommendations.

Funding Strategy

College is often the largest single expense paid in the shortest period of time any of us face. Think about it.  Would you purchase a home on a four-year mortgage?  

successful outcome

We define success as (1) getting a degree on time based on the program of studies, (2) having a payment strategy that does not interfere with retirement plans and (3) students have a job in their field within six months of graduation or have moved on to graduate or professional school

The Right Strategy is Critical

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The 4-year graduation rate from college is less than 50%. At the same time, the average cost of a year’s tuition to most private colleges is well over $50,000. The decisions you make while finding and deciding how to pay for college will have a huge impact on the rest of your life. We can help you.  Let us!


4 Year Graduation Rate

Average Annual Cost of Attendance (Private College)

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Vice President, Business Development

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Senior Associate, Admissions Specialist

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Senior Associate, College Funding Specialist, Author

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Career Consultant & Job Search Strategist

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Corinne Power

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College Admissions & International Student Admissions Specialist

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James (Jay) Beattey, IV

College Debt Specialist

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John Barada

Senior Associate, Certified College Funding Specialist ™

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Beatrice Schultz, CFP®

College Funding Specialist

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The Right Strategy Makes All the Difference

We Know College, We Want to Help.

College Funding

From Grant and Scholarship eligibility to preparing your FAFSA, let us help make sure your financial strategy is a sound one.

Document Preparation

Paperwork and documentation is part of the college process. Small mistakes can generate huge costs. Our expertise and guidance will eliminate errors and make the process less overwhelming.

Custom College Search

Which schools will be an ideal fit for your student? How will you know? Our custom search process – based on data the schools say matters to them – matches your student’s aptitude with those schools that fit best.

Admissions Support

From creating college essays to managing the Common Application, the admissions process can be stressful. We have the experience to guide you and your student successfully.

the Major decision

The goal of College is to build the knowledge and experience for a successful career. We can help you find the major that will enhance your future.

Career Solutions

College Seniors and recent graduates need to get on a career path as quickly as possible. Let us help you navigate today’s job search and find that dream job.

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